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Month: May 2016

Arsenal Gymnastics Course: Pull-ups

The Pull-up is an essential exercise with regards to increasing upper-body pulling strength. Prior to attempting the dynamic and powerful variations of the movement: Kipping and Butterfly Pull-ups, athletes must have strength and capacity in the Strict Pull-up. Performing Strict Pull-ups will aid in the development of grip-strength, shoulder stability, muscular strength and endurance, and …

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Thursday, May 26

The goal is to hold the same load across all five sets for the Weighted Pullups. Ideally with no Kip. If you are unable to use weight, scale to Strict Pullups, then Strict Pullups with a band, then hard Ring Rows. As [wod date=”2016-5-26″]

Monday, May 23

Sprinting workout! We know that running only workouts aren’t as ‘sexy’ as workouts with barbells, but they are just as important. The goal is to have a 1:2 work/rest ratio. Record all yout times and aim to be consistent across all 200m efforts and all 100m efforts. [wod date=”2016-5-23″]

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