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Month: October 2017

Tuesday, October 31st

Tuesday, October 31st Skill: Skill work similar to last week Thurs. Spend 10:00 learning the kip or refining current technique. Keep sets small then perform EMOM. Metcon: Although this workout is similar to a piece we performed on Month 3/Week 3, the priority is completely different. Here we are looking for sustained efforts. Choose pace that can be sustained rather than a pace …

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Friday, October 27th

Friday, October 27 Strength: Week 3 of Dynamic work. This is our final week and loading is heavier but the emphasis is still on explosivess and efficiency. Don’t sacrifice either for loading. Metcon: Repeat workout from Month 2/Week 1. Athletes should try to push their pace on all aspects of these pieces. Loading should be heavier for the thrusters, but light for …

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Suzy Hufford: The Best Days Are When I Don’t Listen To My Excuses

My husband, Michael, has been doing CrossFit for many years, he started in NC.  I tried a few classes with him there, but never really felt like a part of their community.  Then, when he found Arsenal, and had been going for awhile, he kept telling me how awesome the coaches were and how happy …

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Wednesday, October 25th

Wednesday, October 25 Strength: Superset of antagonistic muscle-groups. Work up to a challenging set of both close grip floor press and supinated grip row. Remember, the intent with this strength work is to challenge both the triceps and biceps. Metcon: This workout is not too challenging in the sense there is no inference that will effect peoples ability to cycle their pull-ups. The …

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