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Month: September 2018

Your Guide to Bulletproof Shoulders

CrossFitters know that strong shoulders are essential for our performance. We are constantly taxing our shoulders through gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and our pressing movements. So what could someone expect from adding extra shoulder work to their regular CrossFit routine? 1. Enhance Stability Overhead. 2. Increase Range of Motion. 3. Improved Gymnastics Kip/Pull-ups. 4. Increased work …

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3 Exercises to Improve Pulling Strength

However you train, pulling strength is vital. Whether that means gymnastic movements, traditional compound strength lifts or other accessory exercises, adding pulling strength movements into your training will improve your all-round abilities as an athlete. Here are three of my favorite exercises to improve overall pulling strength! 1. Supinated Wide Grip Pull-Ups Not only will …

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