Monday, March 28

Did you do 16.5? Can you still not feel your legs? Don’t worry, neither can I! But, 100 med ball cleans should make everyone feel

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Easy Herb Roasted Chicken

Ingredients: 5lb whole chicken 6 cloves garlic (3 minced, 3 peeled whole) 2 leeks 1 large onion 1 lemon 4-6 springs of rosemary 4-6 springs

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Thursday, March 24

The focus today is quality movement – Fast feet and fast hands on the Snatch — “90% of missed lifts are due to footwork” –

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Wednesday, March 23

Two strategies can be used for this workout. 1) Ascending – increasing the weight after each set, ensuring that set one is a true WORKING

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Tuesday, March 22

  RX PLUS Five rounds, each for time: rest exactly three minutes between rounds: 500-meter Row Then, Accumulate two minutes in an L-Sit RX Five

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Monday, March 21

For the regional level athlete this workout would be performed unbroken. While most (none) of us are regional level athletes, this is still the mindset

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Wednesday, March 16

Ready for some more bar muscle ups??? This workout is a going to be a great test of fitness! First we are going to test

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Tuesday, March 14

This one is going to crush your grip! We know a lot of you don’t like it, but a ‘hook grip’ is going to be

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Monday, March 13

When Coach (Greg Glassman) says we should spend more time on our hands, we do it! Don’t worry – we’re going to have plenty of

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