Wednesday, March 8

Short and fast today guys! The deadlifts should be performed unbroken at least until that final set of 21 reps. This is not a bar-facing

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Tuesday, March 8

Taking it back to 2002, a workout designed and tested by OG CrossFitters! We are testing muscular endurance and stamina. Athletes should only select the

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Monday, March 7

Strength day! Remeber position is power – focus on hitting your full range of motion during these squats. We’re also throwing in some single leg

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Wednesday, March 2

Hope everyone’s shoulders are ready to go! Being effecient on your rope climbs will be critical. The double unders are your rest during this one

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Tuesday, March 1

Strength day! Position is power . . . focus on mechanics and consitency and don’t worry about the weight on the bar. RX Hang Squat

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Monday, February 29

Today is all about finding a pace and sticking with it! No matter which level you choose athletes should aim to complete 10 or more

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Thursday, February 25

Straight conditioning today! This is a mental battle; maintain strong mentality and try your best to not suffer. We are looking for maximum effort per two-minute interval….find

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Wednesday, February 24

The workout is designed to generate a unique stimulus…..this will fatigue the midline! The Goblet Squats and Front Rack Walks should be performed unbroken; ideally the

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Kerri O: Beer Run Gone Wrong

One Saturday morning, I went over to Hopfarm Brewing Company to fill a growler.  I was disappointed to find that they were not open early

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Tuesday, February 23

This is a classic push-pull style workout, with a twist! Pull-ups and ring rows should be broken up in as few sets as possible. Make

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