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Wednesday, June 27th

Wednesday, June 27th Gymnastics Skill 3 Sets :30 Ring Support :30 Bottom Ring Dip or Bottom Push Up :30 Bar Hang :30 Hanging L-Sit or

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Tuesday, June 26th

Tuesday, June 19th Strength EMOM 12:00 2 Heavy Power Clean & Jerk *Build in weight as you go, start light-moderate and work to moderate heavy

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Monday, June 25th

Monday, June 25th Strength Overhead Squat 15:00 to build to a heavy 3 Rep OHS WOD 3 Rounds / 1:00 rest between rounds of: AMRAP

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Monday, June 18th

Monday, June 18th Strength E2MOM x 6 Sets 1 Clean DL + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat

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Friday, June 15th

Friday, June 15th Strength 3 Sets, NOT for Time 25ft Handstand Walk or :30 Handstand Hold 50 Double Unders or 1:00 Practice Max Strict Ring

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Thursday, June 14th

Thursday, June 14th Strength/Skill Power Snatch EMOM 10:00 Power Snatch 3 TNG Power Snatch Goal is to focus on cycling…not for load WOD For Time

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Wednesday, June 13th

Wednesday, June 13th Strength 3 Sets, Not For Time 5 Weighted Pull-Ups Superset with… 5/5 Single Arm KB Row (30X1) -Rest 90s between sets WOD

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Tuesday, June 12th

Tuesday, June 12th Strength Front Squat for load: 5 x 2 Heavy (90% 1RM) WOD For Time: 15-12-9-12-15 Calorie Row Front Squat (135/95) Push Press

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Monday, June 11th

Monday, June 11th WOD EMOM 7:00 3 Heavy TNG Deadlifts -Rest 3:00 AMRAP 7:00min Max Burpees -Rest 3:00 For Time (7:00 cap) 30-20-10 KB Suitcase

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Friday, June 8th

Friday, June 1st Strength Power Clean Build to a moderate set of 3 (Touch and Go, preloading for the workout) WOD For Time 1600m Run

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