Accountability In Nutrition

Accountability: The ability to manage responsibility for commitments. 

Whether you are just starting out with improving your nutrition, or perhaps are seasoned in meeting your energy needs and balancing macros, mastering accountability is key. When one is accountable, he or she takes ownership of their actions. At the end of the day, your actions are what you can control most in your life. In our nutrition coaching, we utilize “action steps” that develop ingrained habits that ultimately lead to positive wellness outcomes. In this brief post, I share a few ways to maintain accountability to these action steps, providing you with an internal locus of control and increased self-efficacy!

Make Your Vision Visible

Somewhere in your environment, whether it be at work, home, or the gym, create reminders of your goals that reflect your motive. This can be a post-it note in your planner, a whiteboard in your office, or a daily reminder app on your phone. Spin it favorably. A phrase such as “I’m another day close to…” encourages you to continue driving forward. 

Plan Ahead

This is a theme for any endeavor. Without proper preparation, no plan can be executed. Work with your coach to develop a plan that makes sense for you based on your strengths, resources, and support. This plan should incorporate grocery lists and times, meal prep or delivery services, and various demands in your life. 

Choose a Buddy

We all know this simple fact. Going to the gym with a group of friends encourages us to go back time and time again, even when it’s a morning 5:30 class in the dead of winter, and Brooks won’t let us turn up the heat. This social support applies to nutrition. Tell your partner, friend, or family member about your plan and intentions. Ask them to point out how well you are doing, acknowledge when you may be struggling, and participate in the new habits you are building. 

Have a Tracking System

Goals are effective when they are measurable. It is also satisfying to watch an accomplishment grow. Many options exist to do this: a paper calendar to check off daily habits, apps such as “Done” (find it on the app store), and scheduled reminders on your phone. The physical act of marking a task done fires of serotonin in your brain in a positive feedback loop. 

Let’s get after it. You ARE capable. You have to tools. We can assist you in creating an accountability system personal to you. Reach out and schedule a consult with us!

  • Vicky Reiser, Nutrition Coach, PnL1