Monday, February 27

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5 Back Squat
Add 10-15lbs EMOM 10min
Rest 3min
5 Back Squat @ 60% of your highest load of 5 reps
EMOM 10min
3 Back Squat
Add 5-10lbs EMOM 10min
Rest 3min
3 Back Squat @ 50% of your highest load of 5 reps
EMOM 10min

Back Squat day today. A lot of volume. The first 10min gradually increases in load each minute and then you back off a little in the second 10min, so the 20min isn’t as aggressive as it seems. However, it is still a lot of Squatting, and it will make you pretty sore the next day!


You will have two scores.
One for the weight they used in the first EMOM and one for the weight they used in the second EMOM.

WOD Goal

The goal is to the start the first 10min EMOM at a relatively light load. That will be different between athletes. Calculate out the 10min to see where you will be heading if you add between 10-20lbs each minute.

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