Rachel Ott: “Even when the workouts seem impossible, we always push through and accomplish them.”

I joined Arsenal Strength in my journey to become a healthier version of myself, including losing weight. My typical gym membership was not being beneficial to me for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I did not know the proper workouts to do in order to reach my goals. Also, I was lacking the motivation to regularly go to the gym as I felt lost and frustrated. My hope in joining Arsenal was for guidance, motivation, and community.

My biggest accomplishment, in my 3-4 months at Arsenal, is going to the gym and being active on a regular basis. I have noticed a drastic increase in my daily energy level and an improvement of my overall passion for life.  With the help on the coaches at Arsenal, I have made short and long term goals which are realistic to achieve. I am working towards achieving those goals within this year.

I have enjoyed every class I have attended, thanks to the coaches and the community. Even when the workouts seem impossible, we always push through and accomplish them. I would say my favorite memory so far is being able to accomplish the “impossible” and proving to myself that I can overcome my own self-made barriers. I often catch myself telling myself that there is no way I can do a movement or workout, but learning to push through and defeat those negative thoughts has taught me to push to new levels.

There are a couple of reasons that I am movtiated to keep training at Arsenal Strength. The biggest motivation is my desire to become a better me, and I believe Arsenal can play a huge role in this. In addition, the coaches keep me motivated to keep coming back. Being able to receive valuable coaching and having a coach cheering you on throughout the workout keeps me motivated to keep coming back.

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