Semi Private Training

Semi-private training is a fantastic middle ground between one-on-one personal training and large group fitness classes. As the name suggests, semi-private training involves small groups of individuals, typically 2-4, training together under the guidance of a professional coach.

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Personalized Attention

Though done in a group (4 people max) semi-private training allows for a high degree of individual attention from the trainer. This ensures that each participant is performing exercises correctly and safely, while also making sure they are being challenged appropriately according to their fitness level.


Semi-private training provides many of the benefits of personal training but at a lower cost making it a more affordable option for people who still want a personalized workout experience.


Training in a small group can create a supportive atmosphere that can motivate you to push harder and achieve more. It’s a great way to stay accountable and consistent with your fitness routine.

Adaptable to Different Fitness Levels

Semi-private training can accommodate different fitness levels within the same group. The trainer can modify exercises for each individual to ensure everyone is working out at an appropriate intensity.

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