Thursday, January 4th

Thursday, January 4th

Skill: Take your time today and focus on perfect sets even if that means going lighter. We will be performing this same skill work next week as well on Wednesday.
GPP: Mixed modality work that does not have a time component today. All work is done for QUALITY. Sled load should be light to moderate. TGUs should be moderate weight.

3 Position Snatch Skill Work
6 x 1 + 1 + 1 @50-60%. Rest 2:00
– high hang + hang + below the knee

5 Rounds with a partner for QUALITY:
60s Row
2 Turkish Get-up (1 each side)
Supine Ring Rows x 12
Rest as needed.
*One person works. Work is not split, but the you will rest while your partner completes the listed work.
25:00 Cap


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