Thursday, May 3rd

Thursday, May 3rd

Strength: Today we are focusing on strength work only with a GPP/Accessory finisher. Back Squats should be slightly heavier than last week with each set still explosive out of the hole. All of the accessory work should be challenging.

Speed Back Squat with 1 second pause at the bottom of each rep: 5 x 5 @55-65%, every 60s.
15 Jumps working up to a challenging height. Rest as needed.
Front Rack Reverse Lunges: 4 x 6 ea. Rest 90s.

4 Rounds. Rest as little as possible.
50 Ft. Front Rack KB Carry
10 Bird Dogs (5 each w. a 2 count on each rep)
5 Barbell Single Leg RDLs each Leg

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