Thursday, October 27

5 Rounds
20sec Lateral jumps Over Barbell
20sec Hang Power Snatch (65/45lbs)
20sec Rest

5 Rounds
20sec Lateral Hops Over Barbell
20sec Hang Power Snatch
20sec Rest

The ‘Workout’ part of today is pretty short. But intense. 5 min of total time, 3.20 min of actual work. For this reason make sure you go really hard for the the whole thing. You should be getting 15-20 jumps per round and at least 10 Hang Power Snatch each round. The weight is intended to be light. If you don’t think you can move that fast with the loads prescribed, scale it. If an empty Barbell is still too heavy, modify to a 1 Arm DB Hang Power Snatch. Alternating Arms each round. (Yes, it is an odd number— that’s ok.)

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