Tuesday, February 14

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Part 1:
5 Rounds (NFT)
6 Barbell Bent Over Row
3 Weighted Dips

Part 2:
Open Prep
5 Rounds
5-10 Unbroken Ring Dips

Part 1:
5 Rounds (NFT)
6 Bent Over DB Row
6 Dips

Part 2:
Open Prep
5 Rounds
5-10 Unbroken Box Dips

Today we have supersetted the Barbell Bent Over Row and Weighted Dips together. Both are movements that don’t come up a lot. We love the Barbell Bent Over Row for Upper Back and Midline Strength/Stability.


Part 1: For each round score the load of the Bent Over Row and the Dips.

Part 2: Record how many Unbroken Dips they perform per set.

WOD Goal

Part 1 is not done for time. It is intended to be a Strength session, focusing on being consistent across all 5 sets for both the Row and the Dips. Take 30sec-1min between the Row and the Dip sets and then rest a further 2-3min between rounds.

Beyond RXD

Bench Press

NOTE: Warm up to a heavy triple and hold that weight across 5 working sets. Compare to 1/3/2017 and try to go heavier.




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