Tuesday, January 31

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30 Power Clean (70% 1RM)
Rest 2min
30 Burpee
Rest 2min
20 Squat Clean
Rest 2min
20 Burpee

20 Power Clean
Rest 2min
20 Burpee
Rest 2min
20 Power Clean
Rest 2min
20 Burpee

Heavy weight and Gymnastics combo today. Use the percentages as guidelines. The Power Cleans and Squat Cleans are done at the same loads. Some will have an understanding of what they want to lift, while others will have no idea. We’ll use the prep time to help you make a decision!


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

The load is intended to be heavy today. The Power Cleans will most likely feel a little lighter than the Squat Cleans, especially since you will be fresh while you are performing them. The goal should be at least 5 reps unbroken per set in that first set of 30 reps. If you have to start the Power Cleans off with less reps per set, then you should probably go a little lighter. By the time you get to the Squat Cleans, you may be down to 1 rep per set. That is fine, as long as the break between each rep isn’t too long.

Beyond RXD


Power clean

NOTE: Build across working sets up to a heavy single for the day. Feet splaying out too wide constitutes no rep. As usual, clean and precise footwork is mandatory. Compare to 1/4 and try to go heavier.


For time:
KB swing (70/53)
GHD sit up

NOTE: Goal is to finish between 12-15 minutes. That means hanging onto that KB for big sets! If you have not been regularly doing GHD sit ups then cut each set in half for that movement and try to finish under 10 minutes.


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