Tuesday, May 1st

Tuesday, May 1st

Strength: Take 8-10 singles and build to a 1RM Floor press. Try to beat your previous max by 5#’s and have a plan in place before starting of how you’re going to beat your old number.
Metcon: Pacing today should be around 75-80% for the entire workout, but it’s okay if your rounds fall off slightly today as the workout contains movements that will likely slow you down as it progresses.

Floor Press for load:

2/1 Rope Climbs
6/3 Ring Muscle-ups
200 Meter Run

Rx+: (2/1 Legless Rope Climb)
L3: (1 1/2 Rope Climb) (10/8 Ring Dips)
L2: (5 Strict Pull-ups) (15/12 Push-ups)
L1: (10 Ring Rows) (10/8 Box Push-ups)


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