Wednesday, February 21st

Wednesday, February 21st

Strength: 4 Gymnastics tests today that you should record and keep track off. Rest as much as needed between movements.
Metcon: Each set should be around 40s of work. If not scale accordingly. This “metcon” contains gymnastics work and accessory work so quality > quantity. Score = Open goals.

1) Strict Pull-ups: 1 x Max.
*Strict Band Assisted Pull-up
2) Handstand Push-up: 1 x Max.
*Seated DB Shoulder Press x Max Reps
3) Strict Chin-ups: 1 x submax.
*Strict Ring Rows
4) Push-ups: 1 x Max.
*Box Push-ups
*Rest as much as needed between sets.

EMOM 20:
Minute 1: 40 Double Unders
Minute 2: 15/12 T2B
Minute 2: 10 Calorie Row
Minute 4: 15 Barbell Rows (135, 95)
Minute 5: 10 Weighted Step-ups (24, 20) (44, 26)
*Score = Your goal for this year Open


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