Wednesday, November 8th

Wednesday, November 8th

Strength: 1+1/4 squats may be new for a lot of you so the intent today is to go light and focus on technique. This squat variation is used to learn speed coming out of the hole and how to use the energy of the bar.
Metcon: Congratulations Vince and Kelly! Today’s workout is just for you guys (any complaints can be directed to them). This workout makes up their most favorite things, so yeah it’s pretty challenging. The regulars among us have plenty of scaling options to still make this a pretty rough 20m AMRAP. Pacing is the key!

1, 1/4 Squats
5×5 @ 50-55% of 1RM

5 Bar Muscle Ups
11 Hang Squat Cleans (115/75)
17 KB Swings (53/35)

L3: (C2B Pull ups)(Box HSPU)
L2: (Pull Ups)(Push Ups)(95/65)(35/26)
L1: (Ring Rows)(Seated BB Strict Press)(65/45)(26/18)

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