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Thursday, November 30th

Thursday, November 30th Skill: Decide on one olympic lifitng movement or variation that you want to spend time on today improving. Keep loads light (less

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Forget About Your Scale

How would you like to get rid of your bathroom scale? To never again subject yourself to the angst and humiliation of stepping on and

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Wednesday, November 29th

Wednesday, November 29th Strength: The intent today is use last weeks 3RM and perform 9 sets for speed work. You will pause for a 1

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Tuesday, November 28th

Tuesday, November 28th Metcon: Today’s work is all about maintaining 75-80% of Max effort all rounds. Nothing here should be maximal meaning you should be

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Monday, November 27th

Monday, November 27th Strength: Focus on perfect technique with power snatch + OHS keeping loads light, but if comfortable build to 75% of 1RM. The

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Fighting Off Holiday Pounds

The holidays have arrived with all the high-calorie food and drinks of the season. It’s really no wonder why most of us gain weight during

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Wednesday, November 22nd

Wednesday, November 22nd Strength: Take 5-6 sets and progressively build to a 3RM. Make sure you have spotters in place. Typically your floor press will

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Tuesday, November 21st

Tuesday, November 21st Metcon: Break work however you see fit, but record your scores for each round as the score today will be the total

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Monday, November 20th

Monday, November 20th Strength: Spend the entire session focusing on technique adding weight if technique permits. Squats cleans are done as clusters today where you

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Friday, November 17th

Friday, November 17th Strength: Week 1 of Speed Back Squats. All sets should smooth/explosive with no pause in between sets. Take 3-4 sets and build

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