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Ten Years Later . . .

Sitting on my couch last night I realized that I started CrossFit ten years ago. Where does time go?!? It’s certainly doesn’t feel like it’s

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Don’t Go At It Alone

I’ve never done anything by myself. When I was learning to walk and talk I had parents to show me how. When I was learning

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Unrealistic Expectations

As humans, we are good at putting undue stress on ourselves. We do this mostly by setting expectations and holding ourselves to them. When we

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Fitness Should Be Fun

If you are like me chances are you don’t enjoy doing things you don’t like to do. If it involves sitting down, looking at numbers,

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2020 CrossFit Open

This October marks the start of the new 2020 CrossFit games season by kicking off with the 2020 CrossFit Open. For those of you who

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Head, Heart, Hands

At Arsenal, our vision is to help everyone who walks through our doors change their lives through fitness and nutrition coaching and by creating meaningful

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